Pre-Order: The Complete Animation Course: Moho & Anime Studio by McCoy Buck

Pre-Order: The Complete Animation Course: Moho & Anime Studio

A complete course to teach you animation step by step using Moho/Anime Studio

The Dream of an Animator.

Remember watching your favorite animation and thinking “man, I wish I could do that”...

“I would have all these cool characters and they would live in this world with this cool story and…”

So you start searching online “How to become an animator” and you are hit with an overwhelming amount of information. 

What software are you going to use? What school are you going to go to? How do you even start animating?

As an animator you have many, many roles - you are the director, the writer, the producer, the costume designer, the set designer, the actor. But not only that you have to know physics, gravity, body mechanics, anatomy and probably a couple other things I am forgetting. But I think you get the idea.

So now you are looking for the right course...

There are a lot of great courses and tutorials out there to teach you animation - I have taken many on my journey so far, to learn animation. Learning animation can be overwhelming, expensive, unstructured and many times confusing. Many of the courses I have taken have been a hit and miss - they usually start off simple but then quickly pick up and soon the step by step instructions for the first hour change to ‘watch me animate and figure out what I am doing’ for the next few hours.

That is why I created this course, I know how difficult learning animation can be and how helpful it is to have a course truly walk you through step by step. I was actually really surprised to find out how hard it was to learn how to animate - sure I bought the books, I watched the videos but nothing really clicked until I hired a professional animator as a mentor and I was able to have them animate and show me exactly what they were doing.

You have always wanted to learn animation - now is the time.

I remember for the longest time I wanted to learn animation - but I always had excuses. I don’t have a good enough computer - so I would buy the computer. I don’t have good enough software - so I would buy the software. I don’t have enough time...that right there was the biggest excuse. Fact is - you almost always have free time, do you watch Netflix, YouTube, surf the web? I do. But for some reason I was making the excuse that I couldn’t animate BECAUSE I was doing those things. 

It wasn’t till summer break from college that I told myself - “I am going to do this”. For a whole month I locked myself in my room and taught myself how to animate. I didn’t make time for anything else other than running errands to get necessities and eating 3 meals a day. It started off rough, my biggest hurdle was first learning the animation tool I was using. Then once I got over the learning curve - I decided on the animation I was going to create. At the end of the month I was proud with what I had accomplished - my animation was really crappy. But I knew if I stuck to it and stopped making excuses, I knew I could get better. And so can YOU.

Why take this course, from me?

I have been studying and practicing animation for 5 years. And I can honestly tell you that I am nowhere near the level of Disney Animation Veteran’s with 30+ years experience - nor am I famous and have a cartoon on Cartoon Network or Nickoldean. But I have been able to create animations that have been loved and appreciated by family, friends, clients, and of course, myself. 

The other thing that has been a real struggle in my years of learning animation from many online courses and tutorials - is there is never a practice/ try it yourself segment where you are given the challenge and are able to post it to get feedback or actually go over it in someway so you can see if you did it correctly or not. That’s what I want to do different.

In the end, isn’t that why you want to learn animation - because you want to create your own story, with your own characters and bring those characters to life and share that story with others?

Or do you someday want to create your own Cartoon that millions can watch and enjoy on the internet, Netflix, or TV?

No matter what it is that brought you here - you know that you gotta start somewhere. 

So now that I have your attention, what exactly is this course?

What's in the course?

I have broken this course into (3) sections - beginner, Intermediate, and advanced. 

Just getting started - and want to take the first steps to learning animation - beginner is perfect for you. 

Already know the principles of animation - but are still struggling to effectively apply them to your animations - intermediate is just right for you. 

Ready to take your animation knowledge and create a setting, personality, and story for your characters - advanced might be just what you are looking for. 

So now that we talked about the sections - what’s in them? 


The beginner section will focus on (2) important parts to learning animation - the tool and the principles of animation. 

The animation principles are the most important things to know to become a great animator and bringing your character to life. You have probably heard of them or know of them - but haven’t really understood how to apply them. We will go over all of that. 

The second part is not nearly as important as the principles - but it is good to decide which animation tool you will be using before learning animation. 

Do you want to create hand drawn animations or do you want to create your character and then rig it with bones that allows you to move the character much like 3D animation?

I will quickly go over and provide links to the most popular and recommended 2D animation software and then talk about what software we will be using for the course - which is a 2D animation software called Moho/ Anime Studio.

I will then go over step by step all the animation tools within Moho that you will need to know in order to animate and we’ll create challenges to quickly learn how to apply those principles.


This section is for those that already know the principles - so let’s apply them! Let’s take each principle of animation and come up with a cool animation. This section will be loaded with challenges, lessons, and even critiques. Once you have joined and completed the lessons and challenges for the section, you can upload your work - and with your permission I will record a video - critiquing your work, what was good - what could be improved and upload it to the course Critiques section for the other Seasoned Animators to see.  


Alright, let’s get into the stuff everyone wants to know about. ‘How do I create my own animation’. Whether it’s an animation for your friends, client, or your YouTube channel - it helps to follow the same Production Process that many professionals around the world use. 

So we are going to talk about pre-production, production, and post production. 

For this section I am going to participate in a challenge on the website - The challenge is simply a theme - then I create the story, setting, characters, script, animation - everything. I will document the entire process so you can see the entire process. I will show you everything from my file structure for best organization - to animation techniques and editing techniques to get the best timing. I will then share the finished animation project file for you to study, modify, and do whatever you want.

And you will also be left with the ultimate challenge - to also participate in a challenge on anime studio tutor and come up with your animation and share it with the other students. 

It's not easy...

Animation is by no means an easy thing to learn. To put it in the Famous Disney Animators words of Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston - animation is creating the illusion of life. 

My goal with this course is to take my 5 years of knowledge and learning and break it down to short, concise, and applicable lessons in the best way I know how to help you make progress each and every day - and most importantly create animations that you can be proud of. 

I will have you eating, sleeping, and dreaming of animation. You won’t be able to go out in public without watching how everyone walks and studying emotions, movement! Just kidding...but honestly that’s all that I see and think about now a days.

Now it's time to make it personal

Have you been asked by friends and family what you like to do in your free time?

You might respond “I like to animate!”. They then ask to see your animations - and you scramble on your phone to find the best animations you have posted to YouTube and instagram. 

You then show them your best animation, only to hear them respond in a non-energetic or perhaps sarcastic tone “oh, cool”.

You’re probably thinking “oh, cool? OH COOL?!” 
“That’s all I get?! - I spent sleepless nights slaving away, pouring my heart and soul into this animation - and all you can say is oH cOoL?!”

Okay...okay - that might be a little dramatic. But we’ve all been there - showing an impressive animation we created to an unimpressed family member. 

Well it’s time to change that - sign up for the course - learn what it takes to create awesome animations - or at least, as awesome animations that I know how to create and teach to you at this point of my life. 

Then next time someone asks to see your animation that will sincerely be saying “Oh COOOOOOL!” 

Because that’s been my goal - and up till about a year ago was I able to finally get that response when showing my animations. 

What's included?

Video Icon 25 videos File Icon 4 files


Getting Started
4 mins
4 mins
5 mins
5 mins
006_Keyframe Interpolation.mp4
3 mins
006_Motion Graph and Bezier Keyframes.mp4
14 mins
Learning to Animate
Downloadable file
31.8 KB
01 Basic Animation.mp4
6 mins
02 Basic Animation.mp4
3 mins
03 Basic Animation.mp4
7 mins
04 Basic Animation.mp4
8 mins
Squash & Stretch
Downloadable file
131 KB
Part 1 Squash & Stretch
6 mins
Part 2 Squash & Stretch
6 mins
Part 3 Squash & Stretch
5 mins
Part 4 Squash & Stretch
5 mins
Part 5 Squash & Stretch
7 mins
Downloadable file
187 KB
Part 1 Anticipation
6 mins
Part 2 Anticipation
3 mins
190 KB
Staging 1.mp4
5 mins
Staging 2.mp4
5 mins
Staging 3.mp4
9 mins
Staging 4_1.mp4
5 mins
Staging 5_1.mp4
4 mins
Part 1 Timing
7 mins
Part 2 Timing
5 mins
Slow-In and Slow Out
01 Slow In_Slow Out.mp4
10 mins


Will this course show me how to create my own animation start to finish?

In a way, yes. However! I do want to note the emphasis is more on the principles of animation and not the process of animation production ie: concepting character/ story, storyboard, post production etc.

Will this course be on Udemy?

This course will be a timed exclusive - meaning it will not be on Udemy until further notice. As of right now this will be the only platform to purchase course

Will this go over the basics of animation?

Yes it will and more! However, I expect you to have at least a handle on the basics of drawing and rigging and we will build from there. Please feel free to check out my other courses on design and rigging.

What experience does the instructor McCoy Buck have teaching?

Glad you asked! I started in 2014 teaching everything that I learned on Udemy and YouTube to 1000's of students and users. I am also the top rated and best selling instructor teaching Animation using Moho/ Anime Studio.