Pre-Order: The Complete Animation Course: Moho & Anime Studio by McCoy Buck

Pre-Order: The Complete Animation Course: Moho & Anime Studio

A complete course to teach you how to animate in Moho/Anime Studio


This course was created for two types of people in mind - the experienced animator and the inexperienced animator

I created this course because ever since I was a kid I have always dreamed of becoming an animator - 4 years ago I decided to take that passion and actually pursue it and learn it. Today, I am still learning animation but now with my experience as both a teacher and an animator I now get to teach YOU everything I know. 

So whether you are an animator experienced with animation but new to Moho or familiar with Moho but new to animation - this is for YOU. Here I will explain why…

This course is broke up into 3 sections - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. 

  • Beginner - The beginner section will give you a complete introduction to the software and animation tools. We will dive right in with a basic ball animation. 
  • Intermediate - In the intermediate section we will go over the 12 Principles of Animation in depth going over the following.
    • What - what is the principle of animation - show visual examples while explaining the principle for easy understanding
    • Why - talk about why it is used and what it is best used for
    • How - have a complete project folder that students can follow along step by step with video instruction.
  • Advanced - Now we put into practice all of the principles we learned in the intermediate section and create one complete animation. Going from character design to animation - (not including rigging) for the rabbit character.

There is a lot more to this course, not only will it have practice and downloadable files, but also PDF’s with tool tips and keyboard shortcuts for both Moho Pro 12 and Anime Studio 11. 

What's included?

Video Icon 19 videos File Icon 4 files


Learning to Animate
Downloadable file
31.8 KB
01 Basic Animation.mp4
6 mins
02 Basic Animation.mp4
3 mins
03 Basic Animation.mp4
7 mins
04 Basic Animation.mp4
8 mins
Squash & Stretch
Downloadable file
131 KB
Part 1 Squash & Stretch
6 mins
Part 2 Squash & Stretch
6 mins
Part 3 Squash & Stretch
5 mins
Part 4 Squash & Stretch
5 mins
Part 5 Squash & Stretch
7 mins
Downloadable file
187 KB
Part 1 Anticipation
6 mins
Part 2 Anticipation
3 mins
190 KB
Staging 1.mp4
5 mins
Staging 2.mp4
5 mins
Staging 3.mp4
9 mins
Staging 4_1.mp4
5 mins
Staging 5_1.mp4
4 mins
Part 1 Timing
7 mins
Part 2 Timing
5 mins
Slow-In and Slow Out
01 Slow In_Slow Out.mp4
10 mins

Moho Studio Academy

Hi my name is McCoy Buck. I am a 2D & 3D animator and can't wait to teach you everything I know.


What experience does the instructor McCoy Buck have teaching?

Glad you asked! I started in 2014 teaching everything that I learned on Udemy and YouTube to 1000's of students and users. I am also the top rated and best selling instructor teaching Animation using Moho/ Anime Studio. 

Will this go over the basics of animation?

Yes it will and more! However, I expect you to have at least a handle on the basics of drawing and rigging and we will build from there. Please feel free to check out my other courses on design and rigging.

Will this course be on Udemy?

This course will be a timed exclusive - meaning it will not be on Udemy until further notice. As of right now this will be the only platform to purchase course

Will this course show me how to create my own animation start to finish?

In a way, yes. However! I do want to note the emphasis is more on the principles of animation and not the process of animation production ie: concepting character/ story, storyboard, post production etc.