Silly Bird Download by McCoy Buck

Silly Bird Download

Full Project for the Animated Short - Silly Bird


Silly Bird was an animation that I created for the competition March of 2018. I streamed almost the entire process from creation to animation and video editing on my YouTube channel, so if you want you can easily follow along or see the complete process I took to build this animation.

This download includes: 

+ Pre Production
  - Character Designs
  - Audio files
  - Footage used
  - Images
  - Music
  - Storyboard

+ Production
  - Scenes (Moho Pro 12) 
  - PNG Sequence (lighting)

+ Post Production
  - Premiere File
  - Final Video

*All files used are for educational purposes only and not for resale*

What's included?

Video Icon 1 video File Icon 2 files


What's in the file?
Project File Overview.mp4
7 mins
Download the file here
351 MB
Follow along!
Silly Bird Tutorial Playlist

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