Which Binding Method Should I Use? (Guide) by McCoy Buck

Which Binding Method Should I Use? (Guide)

Don't you hate it when...

You just created this AWESOME character that you can't wait to animate and then you realize....you have to rig it. 
You then ask yourself "What binding method do I use?! I'm so confused!!" 

Well I created this guide for you that lets you check off what your rig may need. Hope it helps :)

What's in it?

This guide is a checklist that you can either print and have beside you on your desk as you are rigging on your computer or download onto your mobile device - to help you determine what kind of binding your character rig needs. 

There are (3) Binding methods

1. Point Binding
2. Flexi - Binding
3. Layer Binding

....which one do you need?

What is each binding method good for?

In the first page of the guide I go over what each binding method is and how it can be used.

How to use the guide?

Now that you know what each binding method is used for - now it's time to learn how to use the guide to assist you - that's the second page.

Time to rig!

Now that you know what binding methods to use - and how to use the guide. Print off or duplicate as many pages as you want - page 3 just has just the guide you need.


"I used it with a character rig I started. Very concise and helpful. The summary of which rigs work best for the design help me from wasting time on a rig that isn’t the right fit."
Stephen L.
"The 'Which Binding Method Should I Use (Guide)' is a great help in mapping your animation techniques within Moho, which ones to use in a specific part of your storyboard.. or if you're just making an animatic that you need to churn out fast

The checklist definitely saves you time and helps you decide which binding method to use in the different aspects of your production. It serves as a reminder.

I would suggest if you're going to start work using Moho you should have this pinned to your wall or have it wallpapered as a reminder"
Lloyd L.
"When rigging a character I frequently use point binding and I even modified my technique to fit this type of binding. But with the help of the guide I will be able to bind my character in a new and exciting way. And it's all thanks to you!"
Dan G.

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