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Hi my name is McCoy Buck. I am a 2D & 3D animator and can't wait to teach you everything I know.

Moho Studio Academy

Make this the year to really get serious and focused on becoming an animator. With Moho Studio Academy membership I give you the tools, help, and resources you need to live your childhood dream! Become a member today!


Complete Rigging Course: Moho & Anime Studio

This bundle contains all the rigging courses all-in-one lower priced package!

Character Animation in Moho/ Anime Studio - Advanced Run Cycle

This is a step-by-step class where I will walk you through the process of creating your very own run cycle using Moho/ Anime Studio.

Moho/ Anime Studio: Advanced Rigging - Creating Professional Rigs

Ready to make professional rigs and start making money with your animations?!  This advanced rigging course is the final step in the rigging series. With this course you will not only learn how to master rigging in Moho/ Anime Studio but you will also discover confidence in yourself and your skills and start applying the knowledge you learn here into a marketable skill. My goal with this course is to show you how to create professional and marketable rigs that you can either sell or use in your own personal/ client projects. I will be showing you how to create 3 different types of professional rigs.: Bitmap* Vector Hybrid (mix between bitmap and vector) *At this time your are only shown the Bitmap character rig Along with learning how to create professional rigs I will also teach you how to do the following advanced techniques: Create Smart Bone Actions Create Smart Bone Dial Smart Warp Smart Warp Action Import from Photoshop to Moho Bitmap Rigging Creating 2.5D Body Turns Triangualating 2D Meshes Creating Smart Warp for Bitmap Rig This course is a WORK IN PROGRESS and I will be occasionally updating the course with new techniques and new rigs as I discover them. 

Understand and Apply Binding Techniques (Intermediate)

Stop wasting time trying to figure this stuff out on your own!  I have been there and done that. You want to know how long it took me? 3 Years . Learn how rigging and binding works in 1-2 hours. That's it. Trust me. The rest is practice and application . I have broken down binding and their methods as clearly as I possibly could. In fact , my wife, who has no experience in Moho what so ever, was my first student. She was able to understand perfectly clear everything that I was teaching. If she didn't, I would go back and re record the whole lecture.  See what my students say:  "Now my headaches are gone! Thanks. It is easy to follow because it is clear as water."  "This is the first course that has allowed me to feel some hope for success in rigging" "I have no experience in Animation and this course is been helping me so much, Thank you!" Take what you learn, apply it, and start doing what you really want to do, ANIMATION

Handy Rigging Tool Guide (Beginner)

- Learn the tools - How they work - Why to use them

Character Design MADE EASY with Anime Studio Pro

Want to learn how to draw and create your own characters in Moho/ Anime Studio? Learn all you need to know to make it happen!

Creating Your First Animation in Moho/ Anime Studio

Ready to create your first ever animation in Moho/ Anime Studio? In this step by step course I will show you exactly how.

Character Animation in Moho/ Anime Studio - Walk Cycles

This is a step-by-step class where I will walk you through the process of creating your very own walk cycles using Moho/ Anime Studio.
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Digital Downloads

Character Purple Rig

Follow a free step by step tutorial on YouTube on how to make an easy and fun walk cycle! Free tutorial.

How To: Pre Production in Moho/ Anime Studio

Downloadable eBook giving you all the tips, tricks, and techniques to plan out your animations in Moho/ Anime Studio.

Professional Ready To Animate Rig: Run Cycle

Download a professional 'ready-to-animate' rig to go along with the Run Cycle Tutorial!